KINDERLAND: the Kinder Chocolate launch experience

We were excited to scent the Kinder Chocolate launch experience in NYC on November 11th!  Kinder Chocolate is transforming a massive space in Soho into Kinderland, a whimsical, chocolate-y fantasyland filled with activities for kids and parents to play together. Jump along chocolate paths. Sit atop the Kinder throne. Make music with your feet. Create […]

Famous Amos Took Over Manhattan!

The scents of bite-size cookies with hints of chocolate from Belgium, coconut from the Philippines, and hazelnuts from the Mediterranean, reflecting each of the three new cookie recipes, wafted (via black SUVs, bikes, and people on-foot) through the streets. During the FAMOUS AMOS WONDERS FROM THE WORLD Experience, everywhere in lower Manhattan, south of Worth […]

Target Holiday Surprise to Remember!

Scentevents looks forward to creating SCENTED EVENTS once again like this fabulous Target experience. The scent of Hot Chocolate, Marshmallow S’mores and Christmas trees filled the outdoor air as guests danced, sang and enjoyed the evening. Click here to check out the event and view a fun video of the flash mob!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch launching ‘Cinnaverse Experience’ to celebrate new look

ScentEvents is proud to be the aroma provider for the Cinnaverse Experience! This summer, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is celebrating its new box art featuring “Cinnamojis” by inviting fans to take part in the launch of the Cinnaverse Experience. Designed to bring the taste, sight, smell, and feel of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to life, this free […]

THE ART OF BLOOM Multi-Sensory Exhibit

Scentevents and Harris Fragrances is honored to be collaborating with INTERTREND and the world class team of artists, designers, chefs and innovators to bring THE ART OF BLOOM Multi-Sensory exhibit to life. THE ART OF BLOOM MULTI-SENSORY: This exhibition stimulates not only sight, but also senses of smell, sound, and touch like you have never experienced. […]

North Carolina Arboretum Festival of Lights

Experience the scent of Christmas trees and hot chocolate at the North Carolina Arboretum Festival of Lights! Don’t miss The North Carolina Arboretum’s elaborate Winter Lights show, transforming the gardens into a nighttime wonderland with 500,000 lights! Walk through spectacular displays and see the gardens in a completely new way – with even more lights this year […]

Making Scents: The Art and Passion of Fragrance®

The North Carolina Arboretum is proud to introduce its newest traveling exhibit, Making Scents: The Art and Passion of Fragrance®, on display May 26 through September 3, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, inside the Baker Exhibit Center and throughout the Arboretum’s nationally-known gardens. This exquisite, interactive exhibit is designed to inspire and educate visitors about the […]

Memory 5D+ An Immersive Musical Journey Beyond the 5 Senses

Memory 5D+ features 17 of China’s most celebrated national treasures including performances from singers and musicians rarely heard outside of China. The artists will be performing against a backdrop created by Memory 5D’s Creative Designer Tom E. Marzullo. He has designed, created, and directed various tours for artists such as Justin Bieber, Prince, George Benson, […]

Upfronts 2017: Scent: Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

  TV Upfronts 2017: The Best and Worst of Broadcast’s Big Week By Jeanine Poggi. Published on May 19, 2017. Best cookie: To keep ad buyers’ stomachs full, both Fox and ABC doled out cookies during their presentations. Beverly Goldberg (a character on ABC’s “The Goldbergs” played by Wendi McLendon-Covey) walked up the aisle at Lincoln Center handing […]

Scentevents at TCM Classic Film Festival Hollywood

North American premiere of Holiday in Spain aka Scent of Mystery (1960) presented in “Smell-O-Vision” in a one – of – a – kind presentation at the Cinerama Dome as part of the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival on Sunday May 1st. THX says the audience is listening, Smell-O-Vision! says the audience is smelling. It […]

Scent of Mystery with Smell-O-Vision Powered by Scentevents

After 55 long years the Hollywood classic ‘Scent of Mystery’ will return to the big screen in Smell-O-Vision powered by Scent Events. The Australian producer Tamara Burnstock, is teaming up with Scent Events,  Institute for Art and Olifaction (IAO), the British National Media Museum’s Widescreen Weekend, the Danish Film Institute, film restorer David Strohmaier, and producer/distributor Brian Jamieson to re-present […]

Scentevents Featured by Nightclub Article

Nightclub&Bar featured an article this month with the owner of Smokin Joes, Brian Duarte. Inside he discusses how companies like Scentevents and Orange Door have transformed the nightclub experience into something memorable. It’s a very intuitive read for both business professionals and those central to the nightclub scene. Check out the link below!

Happy New Year!

We would like to thank everyone for making this such a special year as we look forward to another! Scentevents will be conducting the opening ceremonies at the Special Event 2015 in Anaheim California. Come and experience our scent systems first hand!

Increasing Sales with Scent

We sat down with the Managing Director of Smokin’ Joes in Sarasota, Brian Duarte, to discuss using scent marketing to increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

Scentevents 2014 Recap

Six Hours to Showtime Aerosmith performs a private concert for Allstate Insurance representatives at an outdoor/tented arena at the St. Regis resort in Dana Point California. An outdoor arena was constructed for a surprise performance by Aerosmith. Seven hours before show time an unpleasant odor was detected in the tented arena from dead grass, moisture, […]

Scentevents Holiday and Halloween Scent Ideas

  Scent Ideas for your Holiday Blast! Event Scenting options include the GOOD:  Pumpkin Spice, S’mores, Chocolate, Bonfire and Cinnamon Spice, the BAD: Haunted House, Graveyard, Musty Basement, Burning Wire and even UGLY haunted scents: death & decay, burning flesh, barf or just bad. Scent fans and machines work great indoors or outdoors – simple, […]

Shania Twain incorporates Scentevents

Shania Twain incorporates Scentevents® 4-D Multi-Scent technology into her Las Vegas Show SHANIA STILL THE ONE. Photos courtesy Sandbox Entertainment Call it Shania Twain: 4D live “Smell-O-Vision” at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.At various points in the show, the audience experiences a variety of scents. As Shania enters the Colosseumher signature perfume STILL THE ONE […]

Welcome to Fabulous Scent City

The word “CASINO” doesn’t typically bring to mind thoughts of delicate white florals and leafy green notes, but step inside Venetian and Palazzo and that’s exactly what you’ll smell—if you have a keen enough nose. Walking through Venetian’s grand lobby used to mean taking in what was once the most distinct scent on the Strip […]

Smells Like Cotton Candy Heaven

Singing sensation Katy Perry and Scentevents are transcending barriers by taking the use of scent to a whole new level. Katy Perry is including scent through the use of “Scentematography”® into her California Dreams world tour. Neal Harris, Chief Scent Designer, of Scentevents worked directly with Perry and her team to design a custom “Pink Cotton Candy” scent that is being played throughout the venues for […]

2003 Calabasas Pumpkin Festival

2003 Calabasas Pumpkin Festival The 2003 Calabasas Pumpkin Festival held on the Paramount Ranch in which thousands of guests attended. The rich smell of pumpkin greeted guests as they entered the festival.

Ritz Cartlon in Naples

Ritz Carlton in Naples World renown event planner John Daly of John Daly International hired Scentevents to scent the opening of the new spa at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida. The amazing scents of fresh cucumber and eucalyptus greeted guests at poolside as they indulged themselves in massages and specialty drinks at the bars. […]

The Last Samurai Premiere Party

The Last Samurai Premiere Party Warner Bros Studios presented The Last Samurai Premiere Party at the Armand Hammer Museum in Westwood. Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz wandered through the courtyard smelling the sweet scent of Cherry Blossom, provided by Scentevents. Over 1200 other guests enjoyed the scent as it covered the entire courtyard of the […]

Winter Wonderland in Beverly Hills

Winter Wonderland in Beverly Hills Another extraordinary event by Mindy Weiss, with a new twist from Scentevents Guests entered the snow covered evergreen forest of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills and immediately were greeted with the fresh scent of evergreen on a cool walk into an enchanted Winter Wonderland. Adults and children experienced […]

Johnnie Walker Gold

Johnnie Walker Gold “sensuality: indulging the senses” Mark Ruffalo of the recently released “13 Going on 30” hosthisted this benefit. Guests (including Freddy Rodriguez, Jason Behr, Jennifer Siebel, Hal Sparks and Kadee Strickland) were chauffeured to the fabulous “Bella House” overlooking Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the romantic Los Angeles skyline on a perfect spring evening. […]


Scentevents assisted with the kick off of “The Special Event” by providing an Orange Blossom and Cinnamon Scent for the Queer Eyes & a Straight Guy – Event makeovers seminar by the creative team at Bravo Productions. Guests were able to see and smell how three relatively ‘boring’ event themes and decor elements can be […]

JAFRA Cosmetics

JAFRA Cosmetics Radar Creative worked with Jafra’s marketing department in order to create a spa-like experience for 500 women. Sounds easy, right? But when you have less than 45 minutes to change the room from a general session to a full-out spa environment, it allows for challenges to arise. So Radar got in the right […]

The L Word

The L Word The L Word hit television series from Showtime in conjunction with Apothia at Fred Segal utilize Scentevents® launch “L Eau De Parfum” The upscale Los Angeles boutique Apothia at Fred Segal and the hit television series The L Word selected the Scentevents® System to help launch a new fragrance inspired by the […]

Baby Talk Kiosk

Baby Talk Kiosk “We opened up our first kiosk called Baby Talk in The Westfield Topanga Mall and incorporated a Scentevents scent player into the kiosk. We sell baby and toddler clothes. We are using bubblegum to scent the area around us. Customers said that the smell of bubblegum lured them to us. We think […]


Wedding  Dear Scott and Scentevents: Thanks for making my wedding day extra special!! My guests like the chocolate scent a lot since we have a chocolate fountain at the wedding. Thanks! Vivian and Michael


Sniffapalooza Neal Harris – Harris Fragrances. Mr. Harris treated us to the effects of his Scentevents company which scents the air with fragrances based on the event. Outside at registration the lovely Velvet Rope wafted thought the courtyard. Mr. Harris’ company also does movie red carpet events. The smell of Velvet Rope surrounded me as […]