ScentEvents has a wide variety of products to deliver scent into an environment. Our products deploy scents in a “dry wave” process that infuses liquid fragrance oils into inert dry materials – moving air is then utilized to subtly distributed and circulate the aroma into the ambient air. This document is to communicate the highly important role safety plays in our company and that we adhere to the Standards and Regulations described within the body of this text.

Scentevents’ expertise and technology lie in the consultation, design and selection of a specific brand fragrance as well as in the actual diffusion of the fragrance into the desired space. Scentevents works directly with the highly respected fragrance manufacturing partners who supply the fragrance oils used in our systems.
Scentevents works only with fragrance suppliers who are members IFRA North America.

Fragrances are manufactured in compliance with the current Standards contained in the Code of Practice published by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). IFRA Standards are based on an objective safety assessment of individual fragrance ingredients conducted by an independent Panel of Experts, internationally known dermatologists, pathologists, toxicologists, and reproductive, environmental and respiratory scientists. Conclusions from this process are used to establish safe use levels of fragrance materials. The Expert Panel assessments are based on all relevant data, including fragrance material manufacturer safety data, published data and tests commissioned by RIFM itself. On the basis of evaluations of over 1000 materials, IFRA has banned or restricted the use of over 170 fragrance materials. Amendments to the Code, if required, are issued periodically, based on new scientific developments. These contain either new usage restrictions or revisions of existing usage restrictions. The IFRA Code of Practice is distributed worldwide and is in the hands of all member associations and their member companies, including many governments’ regulatory bodies and many other stakeholders. We will be happy to provide safety data for fragrances we supply.

In conclusion, our fragrances are created according to the current knowledge and safety requirements for the intended application under normal and reasonable conditions of use. Scentevents has maintained an impeccable safety record while deploying fragrance diffusion systems in thousands of client locations around the world resulting in millions of scent impressions per year. We take great care to ensure that our clients, their employees and customers benefit from an environment that has been safely enhanced with fragrances supplied by the world’s leading fragrance manufacturers.

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