Winter Wonderland in Beverly Hills

Another extraordinary event by Mindy Weiss, with a new twist from Scentevents
Guests entered the snow covered evergreen forest of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills and immediately were greeted with the fresh scent of evergreen on a cool walk into an enchanted Winter Wonderland. Adults and children experienced every delight and delicacy from made to order sushi, cool and breezy martinis, Peking duck rolls to fun stations including create your own bobble head, become a star in a karaoke concert or make your own lip gloss to name a few. The ballroom truly looked like a winter wonderland with perfection and detail including snowball floral arrangements with ice skates (designed by none other than Mark’s Garden), a snow-white floor and hanging snowflakes throughout.
The spectacular event was topped off with the most delicious dessert array imaginable and, of course, the room was filled with the delectable scent of rich Godiva chocolate.