Scentevents assisted with the kick off of “The Special Event” by providing an Orange Blossom and Cinnamon Scent for the Queer Eyes & a Straight Guy – Event makeovers seminar by the creative team at Bravo Productions. Guests were able to see and smell how three relatively ‘boring’ event themes and decor elements can be transformed into a much stronger multi-sensory presentation through a mini-extreme makeover on a shoestring budget. The transformations are accomplished through the skills of the team, consisting of expertise in scenery, lighting, food station decor and floral design and Scentematography design. Speakers: Greg Jenkins, Partner, Bravo Productions; R. Scott Huntley, Event Producer & Lighting Designer, BT West, LLC; Sam van Wert, Senior Floral Designer, Flower Dec; Dan Smith, Event Planner/Producer, Good Gracious Events; and Thom Neighbors, Partner, Bravo Productions.

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