After 55 long years the Hollywood classic ‘Scent of Mystery’ will return to the big screen in Smell-O-Vision powered by Scent Events.
The Australian producer Tamara Burnstock, is teaming up with Scent Events,  Institute for Art and Olifaction (IAO), the British National Media Museum’s Widescreen Weekend, the Danish Film Institute, film restorer David Strohmaier, and producer/distributor Brian Jamieson to re-present the film in glorious Cinerama.

Scent of Mystery (now in a slightly modified version entitled Holiday in Spain) was the first and only film to feature an automated scent track: A murder mystery featuring an all-star cast, Scent of Mystery is THE original Smell-O-Vision movie. A cat-and-mouse caper set in a series of beautiful Spanish landscapes, the plot revolves around the pursuit of a mysterious woman present only via her distinctive perfume until the final moments of the film.


To that end, we have revisited and re-imagined the original scents used for the film screenings, and will propagate approximately fifteen scents over the course of the almost two hour movie. Since the last thing we want is for the audience to sit back and passively smell what we give them, we are hoping to maximize participation through a series of irreverent and unexpected scent delivery systems: From hand-held to atmospheric to performative. We are honored to be present in what we hope will be a historic experience.

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