Scent of Mystery with Smell-O-Vision Powered by Scentevents

After 55 long years the Hollywood classic ‘Scent of Mystery’ will return to the big screen in Smell-O-Vision powered by Scent Events. The Australian producer Tamara Burnstock, is teaming up with Scent Events,  Institute for Art and Olifaction (IAO), the British National Media Museum’s Widescreen Weekend, the Danish Film Institute, film restorer David Strohmaier, and producer/distributor Brian Jamieson to re-present […]

Increasing Sales with Scent

We sat down with the Managing Director of Smokin’ Joes in Sarasota, Brian Duarte, to discuss using scent marketing to increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

Scentevents Holiday and Halloween Scent Ideas

  Scent Ideas for your Holiday Blast! Event Scenting options include the GOOD:  Pumpkin Spice, S’mores, Chocolate, Bonfire and Cinnamon Spice, the BAD: Haunted House, Graveyard, Musty Basement, Burning Wire and even UGLY haunted scents: death & decay, burning flesh, barf or just bad. Scent fans and machines work great indoors or outdoors – simple, […]

Scent Makers sweeten the smell of Commerce

Scent makers sweeten the smell of commerce MIAMI (Reuters) – The aroma of baking bread wafts through the supermarket, even when the ovens are empty. The breezy scent of coconut oil floats through the bathing suit aisle of the department store when summer is months away. Welcome to the world of scent marketing. Retailers are increasingly […]

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