Cinnamon Toast Crunch launching ‘Cinnaverse Experience’ to celebrate new look

ScentEvents is proud to be the aroma provider for the Cinnaverse Experience! This summer, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is celebrating its new box art featuring “Cinnamojis” by inviting fans to take part in the launch of the Cinnaverse Experience. Designed to bring the taste, sight, smell, and feel of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to life, this free […]

THE ART OF BLOOM Multi-Sensory Exhibit

Scentevents and Harris Fragrances is honored to be collaborating with INTERTREND and the world class team of artists, designers, chefs and innovators to bring THE ART OF BLOOM Multi-Sensory exhibit to life. THE ART OF BLOOM MULTI-SENSORY: This exhibition stimulates not only sight, but also senses of smell, sound, and touch like you have never experienced. […]


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