2003 Calabasas Pumpkin Festival

2003 Calabasas Pumpkin Festival The 2003 Calabasas Pumpkin Festival held on the Paramount Ranch in which thousands of guests attended. The rich smell of pumpkin greeted guests as they entered the festival.

Hosting an outdoor red carpet event next to a dump

A benefit fund-raiser can be one of the most important events for a non-profit. Besides generating essential operational capital, a well-orchestrated fund-raiser brings much needed press and exposure to a cause. And beyond good press for the charity, the event can be priceless for any reputable PR firm. But it could also spell disaster, and […]

Celebrate the Senses

Scentevents is proud to participate in “Celebrate the Senses,” an immersing educational experience to benefit Alzheimer’s awareness and care.  The sense of smell is one of the earliest ones to develop and can have the most impact on memories. Beyond seeing or hearing something, a familiar smell is most likely to evoke a memory or […]