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Las Vegas, Nevada (February 28, 2008) – Team Florida Flamingos and Scentevents create a Prize winning “Scentsational” promotion for Project Eureka! An Event Solutions Design Challenge sponsored by Eureka! Party Tents at the 2008 Catersource Conference & Tradeshow and Event Solutions Idea Factory. The Challenge was to create and execute a product launch for TY KU (, an all natural Asian Liqueur. Teams had 36 hours to design, build, assemble and present their work to a panel of judges and over 6,000 attendees of the 2008 Catersource Conference & Tradeshow and Event Solutions Idea Factory held in the Las Vegas Convention Center and Las Vegas Hilton. The challenge combined relationship building, creative direction, design and logistical elements while challenging the competitors to showcase their talents in these critical areas of event design. As the event challenge unfolded, conference attendees were able to witness the creative process at work. Team Florida Flamingos consisted of industry veterans: Stacy Stern, CSEP, of The Special Events Group in Boca Raton, Florida, Ira Mitchell-Steinman, of All Over Miami, Noel Brown, of Medallion Occasion Boutique Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Byron Loper, of Bill Whidden Designs/Ice Magic in Orlando, FL. Team Florida Flamingos requested Scentevents® create a unique scent effect to complete the TY KU Brand Promotion. The catch; TY KU liqueur was not available to smell or taste until the night before the competition, so the scent creation process would need to be done on location with very little time.
Neal Harris, Founder of Scentevents® used his nose to sniff out success. He applied his 22 years of fragrance design experience and introduced Scentematography®, a service exclusively provided by Scentevents®, into the promotion so that the judges could experience the liqueur through scent. Neal spent the night “bartending scents”, mixing and blending fragrance notes to create the perfect TY KU Scent. He incorporated the natural ingredients and essences contained in TY KU to design the perfect TY KU Scent. The TY KU Scent is an artful fragrance blend capturing the natural essence of TY KU: The top note opens with subtle yuzu, prickly pear and a hint of lemongrass, the perfect touch of ginseng, green tea and oolong balance the middle and the bottom notes of this masterful creation is supported with pomegranate, melon and Japanese plum accords. Scentevents® also created a menu of TY KU cocktail scents. Using the patented ScentPak fragrance sampling system, guests were able to squeeze the ScentPaks to experience an array of TY KU Cocktail scents including; Killer Blowfish – vanilla and passion fruit, Lost in Translation – mandarin, yuzu, ginger and lemongrass, Kimono Dragon – honeydew and cucumber and Wet Pearl – vanilla and pineapple. Kirk Spahn, co-founder of TY KU, was impressed. When asked about the competition he had this to say, “They’re all incredible. We are blown away.” The team’s hard work paid off. The competition was close, but at the end of the day, Team Florida Flamingos with the Scentsational support of Scentevents® took home the Grand Prize.