Scent Sleeve (10 inch)


Each 10 inch Scent Sleeve will scent a space 500-3000 square feet for 12 hours – 4 Weeks or more (particular scent, air flow, and fan speed will affect scent coverage, time and intensity).

Scent time guideline:

Up to 12 Hours when used with Fans & Blowers for large spaces.

Up to 2 Weeks+ when used with  Scent Speakers or as passive air fresheners (no fan).

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Scent Sleeves, Sachets and Scented Beads are simple, economical and easy to use. Specially formulated All-Natural Ceramic beads are infused with a variety of fragrances, essential oils or client-supplied fragrances. Scent sleeves, sachets and beads can be used with virtually any size fan or air blower, or as air fresheners (no fans are necessary) for home, office, auto, boats, etc.  Multiple sleeves & sachets can be attached to air movers to adjust scent intensity and coverage area INDOORS OR OUT!

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