Scentevents designs the perfect scent for the International Spy Museum:
Intrigue, deception, hard choices, daring escapes – it’s your turn to live a spy’s life! The International Spy Museum in Washington DC announces the launch of Operation Spy, a new intense immersive experience.

This groundbreaking spy adventure takes the interactive concept to the next level by combining the most innovative features of exhibits, movies, computer games, scent effects, theatrical shows, and rides into one electrifying experience. Guests don’t just read about spies, they become the spies. The scent of spices (created by Custom Essence and Harris Fragrances for Scentevents) drifts through the air along with the sounds of the bustling marketplace. Other scents greet guests as they make their way through the adventure.

The International Spy Museum, the only public institution in the world dedicated to presenting the world history of espionage, features the largest permanent collection of international spy-related artifacts on public display. Through interactive exhibits with state-of-the-art audiovisual effects, film, and hands-on components, the Museum traces the evolution of espionage through the people who practiced the profession and it provides a context for guests to better interpret the role intelligence plays in current events.