Seeking frights and giggle, more than 500 children and family members joined on Junior Blind of America’s campus for the 2008 Halloween Carnival. Each year, Junior Blind is extremely grateful for the continued commitment of Scentevents, which makes this event a true celebration of the senses.

The bravest of guests made their way through the scares and stenches of the Musty Mansion, a haunted house that looked, sounded and smelled horrrrror-riffffic! Ghastly games and a costume contest were also big attractions but we all know Halloween is never complete without a good `ol Ghost Story! Junior Blind and Scentevents were thrilled to welcome The Spirit Cabinet’s Ghost Story, a spooky tale written by Kevin McTurk and narrated by Christopher Lloyd.

“It was a great interactive experience for our children that integrated the use of all the senses,” says Michael Martinez, Student Outreach Coordinator at Junior Blind. “The story was told through words, smells and actions, and the kids even had the chance to play a role in the performance.”

Freakishly fun and family friendly, Junior Blind’s Halloween Carnival was exciting and fun for all; blind, visually impaired and sighted alike!