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The “Experience 10” Event was organized by Event Plus on October 16th 2008 at the Royal Palace, the Throne Hall, marking the anniversary of the 10 years presence on the advertising production Romanian market of Impression Graphics Romania.

Starting from the “Pop Culture” symbols, in this event Event Plus successfully applied the special events architecture principles, using 10 creative original resources to create an atmosphere generating unique impressions, and in the same time touching all senses, whether we talk about visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory and gustatory sense.

Event Plus is the first and only Event Architecture company in Romania. We believe in events as functional marketing and communication tools. That’s why our events always fit in your strategy and can make the difference. Product launches, action marketing projects, incentives, company parties, teambuilding activities, active communication, public events. Event Plus always looks for the “added value” and makes the difference. Event Plus is the only company in Balkans having management members in the International Special Events Society, the most prestigious professional association in this industry.

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